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What's Stopping You From Getting What You Want?

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

What keeps stopping me from getting from point A to point B? What is holding me back from doing and getting what I want in life? Hum…let’s see…

1. A feeling of “poor me,” I have so much to do, there just isn’t time.

2. Fear of failure.

3. Past habits that keep replaying themselves instead of the new ones I am working so hard to develop.

Those are the top three that come to mind. Let’s over analyze each one, cause that’s what I do.

“Poor me,” my life is busy. I have lots going on. We all do. We all have lots on the list, things that must be done and things that should be done. But maybe my priorities need to be rearranged.

Instead of repeating the same cycle everyday and complaining about how I can’t do it all, I need to reevaluate. What’s my top goals right now?

My husband and children are one of my top goals. I want to be there for them. My children are in my house for a short time of this life. I want to be there for them in the evenings to talk about their day and help them succeed at homework and extracurricular activities.

Another of my top goals is growing my relationship and trust in Christ more and more each day. I know he’s my rock and the answer to all my problems. If my faith is strong, life is much easier! Doing his work is the reason we are here. So, Bible and prayer time must be at the top of my list!

My health. This is important. This seems to be the thing that easily gets put to the side when the days get busy. To change, workouts must be moved to the top of the day to make sure they get done. Sunday meal planning (not always prepping) but at least planning must happen, so I am not left with food choices that don’t serve me.

Those all seem doable, but what about everything else? Building my businesses, health coaching & life coaching, keeping my house clean, keeping up to date with paperwork stuff, social interaction with people, finding time to rest, and a million other things? Those are all important also. If I am taking care of my family, my health, and my relationship with Christ, these other things will fall into place. I will still work on all, but allow grace and love towards myself and NOT BEAT MYSELF UP when things don’t go along as planned! (My blogs may not be consistent for a bit.)

Let’s move on to FEAR OF FAILURE! Ugh. This one. This one has haunted me most of my life. Being a past perfectionist (striving not to be anymore), I hate failure.

Losing weight is a place where fear of failure haunts me. My recent blood work was all good. The only “negative” on my health report was my weight. I do agree that more weight needs to come off. My organs and bones don’t need to carry the excess pounds. I know I can lose weight, I’ve done it many times. I know I can keep it off this time. My relationship with food has changed. My body image of myself has changed. There is love, not hate inside. But there’s that “what if” in the back of my head. What if you lose it again and gain it back? That fear of failure haunts me.

Fear of failure also haunts me in the business world. Sometimes, I don’t proceed with business ideas and social marketing ideas because of fear of failure. I could go on and on. You get the point. Fear of failure has always had a hold on me and it’s time to kick it to the curb!

Prayer, positive readings, and videos will keep me looking forward to success. I’ve listened to Keith Kochner with Mentorfish for many years now. Every morning for 15 minutes, I get positive teachings that keep me moving forward and overcoming fear.

Lastly, let’s talk about old habits and new habits. I love habit change!!! I love working with people and helping them figure out what they want and how to get it. I love being the cheerleader as they grow and succeed. Love it!

But sometimes, in my own life, I let old habits replay themselves instead of building new ones. You know why? It’s so much easier to let the old habits play. The brain goes into autopilot. It knows what to do. It’s comfortable on repeat. Repeating history and habits with every new day is easy.

Developing new habits is hard. You have to repeat new things and new steps and create change every single day to form that habit. Then my mind gets scared that one failed day will take away the new habit. This is where grace and forgiveness for myself will be important. I am working on this!

I believe the sun goes down and comes up each day for us to renew ourselves. The sunrise is a new opportunity to make changes. Do things DIFFERENTLY than yesterday. Rewire the brain. For me, I am going to make my workouts happen in the morning along with my devotions and Bible reading. This is going to take work to rewire my brain to CONSISTENTLY get up and do this. But I know this is inevitable to making my dreams come true.

I know this post is getting long. I’m sorry. I just want each of you to think about your priorities. I want you to analyze your excuses. I want you to make CHANGE. I wish you LONG LASTING HABIT CHANGE. It can happen. You must be willing to work for it!

Three Things are Stopping Me

**Excuse my grammar errors, I gave myself and hour to get this done & it's been an hour!


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