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Programs & Coaching:

The 12 Week Health & Wellness Journey 

Let me be your support and prayer partner as we discover what God has for you in this next season of your health and wellness journey.

Let’s throw out the world’s opinion of how we should look, feel, eat, and move. Let’s seek Christ together and find your unique, individual way of health and wellness. God has so much love, freedom, and success for us, if we will only seek Him and learn more of what He thinks and wants for us.

This journey will include weekly online one-on-one meetings and check-ins throughout the week. We will study The Wellness Revelation, by Alisa Keeton, Food is Not the Boss of Me program from Revelation Wellness, and other material from health and life coaching programs.

If you prefer a group study, grab some friends and let’s make this a party. Your preference! I’m on this journey too and excited to go along side of you and celebrate you!

Let’s chat and talk more about it!

Chat with Me

I would love to meet you in person, by phone, or online to connect and chat about all things Jesus, health and wellness, or just life! I’m located in Thrall, a small community in central Texas. If we are close in proximity, I’d love to meet in person!

One–on–One Coaching – $Based on your schedule & budget; We will develop a plan unique to you!


What to expect from one-on-one coaching?

  • A prayer partner to support you when seeking God for your next step or business goals

  • A friend to encourage you to push to accomplish those goals

  • An accountability partner to remind you why you set those goals in the first place

  • A resource to help you talk through the challenges that make you want to give up

  • A cheerleader to run side by side with you to the finish line.

  • A friend to play your celebratory music at then end of the race. What’s your favorite song?


What’s your goal?

Link above takes you to my calendar so that you can book a call with me and we can discuss your goals!


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