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Dear Diary & Videos

Day 30 - Find Freedom with Jesus

How can we focus more on Christ?

Let’s do all the things to focus on Christ and get so close to Jesus that we find our freedom.

Freedom from what the world thinks of us.

Freedom from trying to get recognition or acceptance because Jesus is the only acceptance we need.

Freedom from a wounded heart due to difficult relationships because Jesus heals the wounded heart.

Freedom from sleepless nights of worry because we know Jesus is going to handle it.

Freedom from having to control situations because Jesus is the only true one in control. Let His will be done.

Freedom from perfection. Let’s be real and honest and just do our best.

Let’s drop the weight off those shoulders in 2023. Let’s stop carrying the what-ifs, the striving, and pain. Let’s release it to Jesus and let Him carry all the things.


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