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What is a Health Coach?

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Listen, I avoided "coaches" in school because I didn't like P.E. Running wasn't my thing. When I hear the term "coach" I think of a PE coach. That's just the first thing that comes to mind. In high school, I may have avoided athletic "coaches," but little did I know I was being "coached" in many other areas in school. Coaches can help in all areas, not just P.E.

Here's Webster's definition of "Coach."

a : a private tutor

b : one who instructs or trains

Here's my definition of "Coach."

A coach...

...helps you figure out your goals and what you want.

...assists you in discovering how to reach those goals. there for you in the process of going after those goals.

...will support you, stretch you, and remind you what you want and why.

...will hold your hand and keep you focused.

...will encourage you on those days you just don't think you can keep going.

...will help you make lasting habit change.

I never thought I would hear the name "Coach Natalie." Still sounds weird to me. But being a coach is the most rewarding experience. Being with you as you climb the big mountain ahead, cheering you on, and giving you a hand as you take a really big step. To see you reach the top of the mountain and reach success, is such a joy.

My skills are both life coaching and health coaching. A life coach can help you achieve just about any goal in life. A health coach will help you on your health & wellness journey. My passion is health coaching. My struggles with my own health & wellness journey have given me a passion for learning more and more about health & wellness.

Do you ever feel like you've googled so much, that you've reached the end of the internet? Sometimes I feel that way after researching and reading about health & wellness topics. I get on a trail about the latest fad diet and then a hour later end up on an article about why sleep is the number one cure to weight loss. I love reading about everything health & wellness.

I also love helping you figure out what's been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having what you want. It could be weight loss, a bad relationship with food, wanting to be more active, or just not physically feeling like yourself. I love to help you dig deep into your story and help you analyze just what your body needs. I apologize for saying this so many times, but every body is different. Everyone has unique dietary and exercise needs.

Some people can handle more carbs than others. What about dairy? It could be good for you and bad for me. What about gluten? Do you have a gluten sensitivity? Have you ever removed gluten from your diet to see if you feel better? Listening to our bodies is the #1 way to figure out our own dietary and exercise needs.

Your own personal coach will help you figure out YOU! It's up to us to figure it out since we didn't come with our own unique owner's manual.

If you are interested in learning more about what a health coach can do for you, set-up a free 30 minute phone call with me. In this 30 minutes, we will discuss your dreams and goals and start to figure out what steps you should take towards finding the success you have dreamed about! Can't wait to talk to you!

Health Coach Natalie


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