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Dear Diary & Videos

This One Took me a Day to Decide to Upload

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Ok, here we go. Sharing my story in hopes to help others. I don't really want to share this stuff. It's hard for me. It's hard to share. It makes me feel vulnerable. But vulnerable to what? Other peoples opinions? Does that matter? This is my life. My story. We each have our own story. This just happens to be mine.

I always searched for "skinny". Turns out I was hoping "skinny" would make me happy, make me fit in and make others accept me. I was really searching for self-worth. 3rd grade until age 38. That's when I hit rock-bottom and realized I didn't love myself. Five years later into my internal transformation and I work every day on growing that love for myself. Every day growing the belief that I am enough.

Growing my faith and relying on God for everything has been the #1 thing that has sparked my transformation. Here's how:

1. Reading daily devotionals (I have three. "Jesus Calling" is my favorite.) & The Bible in the morning.

2. Writing in a journal most mornings. Getting my feelings and thoughts down on paper.

3. Listening to speakers daily (Keith Kochner with & TED Talks).

4. Attending Church

5. Filling my Facebook feed with positive & inspirational words & people.

6. Praying for every little thing & having faith that the higher power is going to take care of it.

7. Reading books that fuel my soul. Recently "You are Free" by Rebekah Lyons & "Braving the Wilderness" by Brene Brown.

8. Practicing gratitude for the good things and people around me.

9. Learning to allow myself grace and forgiveness for not accomplishing big things and everything on my to-do list.

10. Realizing that loving myself is the first step to allowing others to love me.

I am so thankful for this journey. This journey is making me a better person. I am thankful for how far I have come and thankful for how far I am going to go. This journey called life is a tricky one. It's sad, happy, stressful, crazy, fun and you never know what you'll get each day.

Just remember YOU ARE ENOUGH. No matter what! You are good enough. You are pretty enough. You are smart enough. You were made by God. Ain't nothing made any better!

For help with your journey, I am here to help. I have been trained in health coaching and life coaching. Contact me, I would be happy to listen and help you focus on what you want out of life.


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