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Dear Diary & Videos

Workout 6-18-18

Short workouts are my favorite. Workouts under 20 minutes have made major transformations for me in my past. Sometimes less is more!

During my 2013 transformation (in which I transformed the outside and not the inside), every cardio session I did was under 20 minutes. This was the method used in order to preserve muscle. For me, short cardio and long weight sessions are my answer. *Remember, everyone is different!

Here's my 5:30 am workout today.

Credit for this workout came from Nerd Fitness 20-minute hotel workout. I did this in my living room. I used my new heavy study Bible for the rows. (I didn't want to go out in the dark to find my weights and the Bible was the closest thing I could find.) My push-ups are pathetic these days. I did incline push-ups on my kitchen counter. I did 3 sets and then walked in my living room and kitchen. It was a perfect workout to start my week!


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