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Seasons Change...

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Hallelujah! There was something that stuck with me after church this week. Our pastor was talking about how light always comes after darkness. Every single morning the sun comes up. Do we ever question if the sun will come up? No, we don’t. It’s always there to break away from the darkness.

That has me thinking positive this morning. Every single day we have a new fresh start. Every season always comes and goes. Every hardship we face has a season. It’s only temporary. Thank you Jesus!

If we can just hold on and give thanks during our seasons of hardships, stress, and difficulty, the morning will come. The sun will shine again. That season will be behind us and we’ll be onto the next.

Whatever season you are in today, I pray that God gives you patience and endurance to continue to run the race you are supposed to be running. This race, this season is teaching you life lessons and making you stronger.

I know my difficult seasons lately have taught me to just trust God. Stop depending on myself. Trust God. He’s got the answers and the power to get me through anything I face.

We are winding down 2018. Let’s make the rest of this year, the best it can be. Let’s put our trust in God and look up to the heavens for answers. Let God lead our steps and follow the path he has for us. Make the last 5 weeks of this year, the best ever! Pray, Focus, Work & Repeat!

Sunrise - every single day


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