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Listen to your Body-It talks!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Quick post on how important it is to

1. Realize your body is different than everyone else, and

2. Listen to your body when it talks.

Over the years and the bazillion diets, I have learned how to listen to my body. So, when I had a few dizzy spells the last few days, I wasn't surprised.

Being in tune with "me" and what causes dizzy spells, I knew right away that my inconsistency with my vitamins recently has caused this "dizziness."

About 4 years ago, my doctors realized I was Vitamin D deficient. (Like 40% of the US population.) It took awhile to get my levels up. I hate taking pills, so I quit taking my vitamins. Awhile later, I started having dizzy spells. Hum. It was time for a physical, so I made an appointment. Guess what? Vitamin D was not where it should be. So I listened to my doctor and finally became consistent with the Vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D was rechecked a year later and all was good. Remember those dizzy spells...they went away...completely.

Fast forward, to now, and I haven't been consistent with my good friend Vitamin D the last few months. Two days of dizzy episodes. I know the answer: Natalie, take your dang Vitamin D supplements!!!

The body is using "dizzy" to talk to me. It talks to me often. It tells me when I'm full and to stop eating. It tells me when I'm tired and need to get more sleep. It tells me if the food I ate two hours before was good for my body or not. It talks, but I don't always listen.

Listening to our body is the only "manual" we get for our vessel. Turns out no two models are the same. We each have our own thumbprint/blueprint. What works for me, may not work for you. What works for you, may not work for me.

Take some time today to listen. Listen to your body. It needs a friend.

P.S. Habit change is hard. Once you finally make a new habit, it takes continuous, life long, commitment to keep that habit. (As in my Vitamin D example.) Or is that just me that habits are hard to keep? :)

Time to take my Vitamin D!


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