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Five of Five - My Personal Motivation for Moving in May

Dear Diary,

It's time for my final post to remind my future self of the reasons and motivation I have for Moving in May!

And reason number five and the greatest reason for moving my body is God. Let me explain.

First of all, this body that I was given is a gift. It is a gift from heaven above. I was planned, designed, and made for a purpose by God. (Just like every single one of you that reads this.) It is my responsibility and my honor to do things with this body that keep it in good health so that I can live out my purpose and serve God. Moving just happens to be a great way to keep that blood flowing and living healthy.

Second, moving with prayer brings me closer to God. (Did you see my reason number 4 about the brain and moving?) We all need a whole lotta Jesus right now. Our world is a very difficult place to live and we all need a solid foundation of hope and faith to get us through this life. Closer to Christ means less worry and less fear. Closer to Him means we put those doubts, worry, and fear in His hands and not rely upon ourselves.

Finally, for me, for some reason, I have been called to this ministry of faith and fitness at this moment in life. So, by moving, I am answering the calling.

As I wrap up my Moving in May challenge, I am reminded that I am going to fail miserably all the time in life. That I have to keep getting up and moving. That I can't let failure stop me from putting one foot in front of the other and trying again. That moving is better than stagnant, stuck, and trapped.

I am reminded that one simple movement can lead to many great movements. Here's to a life of moving.


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