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Family Friendly Favorite Feed

My family loves hamburgers! We also love my husband to grill us hamburgers, but that doesn't always seem to work out. I have intentions of him grilling patties in advance on weekends and freezing them. But that hasn't happened yet either.

There is an easy solution to my problem for mid-week burgers without firing up the grill. We purchase frozen, cooked patties from the grocery store. We use our NuWave Oven to heat. (A regular oven will work also.)

While the patties are cooking, I prepare the hamburger fixings and sides. I'll make a veggie (green beans, broccoli, or salad) as a side and throw some tater tots in the NuWave or oven for the kids. My favorite side dish right now is pan-tossed asparagus cooked with butter and Parmesan cheese. Yummy!!!

This makes for an easy, quick dinner when there's no time to cook. Who am I kidding? There's never time to cook. We live off of fast easy meals and restaurants.

Bunless Hamburgers & Asparagus

Sometimes I buy buns and sometimes I don't. My daughter and I prefer no bun, while the boys like their hamburger buns. It's fun to mix it up each week. Hamburgers have become a staple in our home, typically enjoyed each week.

What's your family's fast favorite meal?


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