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Dear Diary: My Stomach Hurts Today

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Dear Diary,

I know exactly why my stomach hurts. Last night, I made the decision to make enchiladas, with lots of cheese. My eyes and brain also decided to eat more than my fair share. When I started to get full, I decided to not listen to my body. My body talks to me all the time. It tells me what I should eat and it tells me when to stop eating. My brain is the naughty child that DOES NOT LISTEN.

Yummy-But makes my tummy hurt!

Years and years of dieting, detoxes, and cleanses have taught me just what my body really needs in order to function and perform at it's best. I've even done glucose testing just to see my body's reaction to different foods. It's been an interesting journey. I know without a doubt what makes my body feel good.

Plenty of Water

Tons of Veggies

No Dairy

No Sugar

Carbs in moderation

Just enough protein & fat

Those food choices seem pretty my brain. The minute I see a commercial or Facebook post for something chocolate, my mind is fixated on that instead. Or in the case of last night...homemade cheese enchiladas. I was fixated. I even forgot we were supposed to do our Sunday Family Tire Flippin' Workout.

My stomach hurt the first 4 hours of my new day. I was still paying the price for my over indulgence, the day after! Dang it! But here's what is interesting. My over-indulgence meals seem to get further and further apart. Feeling the tummy ache and recognizing how it makes me feel, really makes me want to eat right and feel good.

So today, we are going to let this go. It's a new day. A new opportunity to feel good. The past is in the past. Let's go eat some veggies & be happy!

***What works for my body, may not work for your body. We are each unique in our body's preferences.


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