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A New Sound & A Prayer Partner

My phone made a new sound. I recently installed a new App (Voxer) to communicate with the ladies in my Revelation Wellness instructor training group. This new sound startles me each time a new message is delivered.

Today the message waiting for me as I opened the app from my notifications menu had more of an impact on me than I anticipated. It was a message from my prayer partner. Here’s what it read:

“Happy Monday Natalie! How can I be praying for you?”

My eyes immediately filled up with tears. Somebody that I barely know wants to pray for me today. This person, my sister in Christ, wants good things for me. This person took time out of her day to pray for me. The love that filled my heart was truly felt.

Can you imagine what a wonderful world this could be if we all treated each other this way?

What if we called each other to ask how we can pray for that person today? What if we messaged our friends and told them how great they are, how loved they are, and how much they mean to us? What if we had time to bake a treat for our neighbor?

I bet we would spend less time in gossip or dwelling on the negative news. I bet our stress would be less. I bet we would speak kinder to our children. I bet we would be happier.

What would it take for love and joy to spread over the world? Maybe a focus on Christ? What if we all focused on Christ? What if we read our Bible and prayed continually? What if we went to church and fellowshipped with those that care for us? What if we spread the good news to those around us?

I would love to challenge us all to try it! A focus on Christ to help change the world. Who is in?


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