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Type A Planner?

I am a Type A planner, or I was a Type A planner until I finally figured out why my plans do not always work out. I needed a deep conversation with God about how I felt about my plans. I asked Him why he put such a desire in my heart to plan everything? Why did he give me the gift of planning when He was the one really in control?

He showed me I had control issues. I had to give up control. I had to stop and acknowledge to Christ that I am not in control and that I need to give Him complete control. I asked Him to help me give Him control and to show me how to let go.

He has given me the ability to plan, lead, and teach. I do not have the ability to determine the outcome of any of those things. I read somewhere that as Christians, we can and need to continue to make plans. We need to pray about those plans and ask that God’s will be done, but at any given moment we need to be able to shift. We need the ability to say I hear you God, these plans need to shift, change, or maybe abort that plan all together.

We can keep planning and doing without listening, but the outcomes will never be the best. God gives us the Best.

I still plan. I love to plan. Sometimes I remember to pray before I plan and sometimes, I pray after my plan. Sometimes those gut feelings and plans are a direct message from God. I read my Bible so I can differentiate between all those feelings, thoughts, and gut feelings. Then I know I have the right plan.

I like to think I am now a Type Jesus planner. 😊 Do you love to plan?


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