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Three of Five - My Personal Motivation for Moving in May

Dear Diary,

The third thing that is motivating me to move this month is my "No Pressure Policy."

I have thrown out the

*workout schedule

*number of reps or sets



*the scale

My "No Pressure Policy" is a belief that moving my body is a "get-to" because I am able. A thankful heart that I have legs and arms that work. That moving my body renews my mind and gives me a new, fresh attitude every single day. That moving my body is a gift from God. I am His daughter and He has given me life and the gift of movement.

My "No Pressure Policy" means I am not competing with anyone or myself. I am not trying to reach some goal that will only motivate me for a short time. I am not trying to speed walk in some record time or beat my past PR. I'm just a girl trying to breathe some fresh air and feel some sunshine on my back as I walk around outside.

My "No Pressure Policy" means I can simply throw the ball with the kids or say "yes," to "let's go outside." For me, going outside typically means moving around, pulling some weeds out of the flowerbed, taking a stroll to see what flowers are blooming, or sometimes ends in some crazy game with my kids. This "no pressure policy" eventually ends with movement.

This month moving looks as simple as, just moving. That's it. Just move.


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