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THE Life

There is something about bobbing on a pool noodle in the lake with a beverage in hand all day at the lake. You may pick a float over a pool noodle or you may pick a Topo Chico and Bush Non Alcoholic over a beer, but sitting in the sun all day chatting with friends, taking breaks for snacks, and then back to floating is a fantastic way to spend the day.

We recently had such a day and it was fantastic. The water temperature was perfect, the pool noodle held me up just right, and the Topo Chico had me coming back for more. Did I mention the company was pretty amazing too? It was time well spent catching up with my cousin and sister and their families.

After seven hours in the water and the kids were done splashing, we headed up to lake house deck. We grilled, laughed, and hopefully did not irritate the neighbors too much. This is a relative’s family vacation home, so, I really hope we weren’t too loud.

As we sat, something was said that got my attention. “THIS IS THE LIFE.” It did feel like, "The Life." We had feet propped up, a full belly, and no cares in the world. It really was a great time. But? Is this really, "THE LIFE?"

What is “The Life?” You know I love to google. I really don’t know what I did before the google machine. Yes, I am that old there was no google when I was born. Back on topic, lol. A quick google search states, “This is the life is said to mean that you are very much enjoying the situation you are in.” There were other words that popped up regarding the meaning of this phrase. Words such as satisfied, easy, simple, a walk in the park, enjoyment, relaxation, and contentment in a particular moment.

Something got me thinking about this statement. We go to the lake maybe once a year. We take other mini vacations through the year. So if today was, “the life,” I only experience “the life” a few times a year. Keep following me.

My life is every day, not a few times each year. The thought of only have these moments/good times a few times a year makes me a little sad. I want this all the time. I want "The Life" all the time.

Maybe these moments do happen all the time? Maybe, the life, means kicking off my shoes as I walk in the door at the end of the day. My family is home. They are happy to see me and I am happy to see them. We hug and I feel warmth as we stretch our arms around each other as far as they will go.

The kids may be screaming because they are hungry or bored or they need help. The husband may be buried in his work and unable to talk. But my family, my life, they are there.

Did I mention the dishes are piled high from this week’s dinners, and well, dirt is now stuck to my feet from our dirty floors since I took off my shoes? Maybe we are to love our everyday mess? Our everyday mess is full of not only mess, but love. We are a family unit. A family that cares for each other. A family that will be there for each other, every, single day. We love each other. It does not always look pretty, but we got each other.

So if google says, “This is the life is said to mean that you are very much enjoying the situation you are in,” maybe we need to try harder to enjoy the everyday life we are living.

Today, THIS is the life, but every day should be THE life. My family, my home, our evenings, and our conversations; the good, the bad, and the ugly. We got it all, but THIS is the life.

What does "THE LIFE" look like for you? Who are the key people in your "THE LIFE"?


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