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Dear Diary & Videos

Out for a Walk with a Popcorn Ball

This is me out for a walk. And eating a popcorn ball. With m&m's. Yep. That's how I rolled today.

See, if I would have done that a few years ago, I would have been mad at myself. How dare I eat an unhealthy snack while walking! I was all about perfection. But perfection did me wrong. First, perfection caused me to not accomplish things because I could never get it right. Then if I was perfect, I got mad at myself for being too extreme or too rigid. There was no balance.

I threw perfection out the window. Now, I just do my best with lots of room to wiggle. Forgive, Love and be Kind to yourself. Life's too short.

So today was a day for a walk and a popcorn ball. And I'm perfectly fine with that.


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