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One of Five - My Personal Motivation for Moving in May

Dear Diary,

Let's document this so I remember what helped me move my body in May of 2021. (I prefer "move my body" instead of "workout." "Workout" takes me to another time and place and I want to do things different.)

There were five things that came together that made me want to "move" this month. The first was vitamins. I hate vitamins. I hate pills. I hate swallowing pills. It seems I always tend to forget to take them and they somehow end up at the back of the cabinet.

I know I am deficient in Vitamin D. The doctor has prescribed me high doses many times. I know I would feel better and not so tired if I would just take the stupid pills. There are a few other vitamins that I *would like to* take on a *consistent* basis.

Not long ago, I was sitting on the couch because I was tired, and I asked myself why have I never tried liquid vitamins. A few clicks on my phone and Amazon delivered some liquid vitamins the next day. Gotta love the speed of delivery these days.

The liquid vitamins might be a game changer for me. It's still a little early to tell, but I can drop the liquids into water and it helps increase my water intake also. Win-Win!

This may seem crazy, but I feel like a new person since taking my vitamins. I have more energy. I feel like doing more. There's a bit of a "want to" move instead of a "have to" move. My theory is it could be the placebo effect or a combination of taking my vitamins and moving my body. The brain has come alive!

Whatever the reason, I know God has a hand in it and I am thankful for that.


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