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Dear Diary & Videos

Note to Self

Note to self: you thought it was just the weather...but maybe your thinking has shifted due to your social media feed. Hum.

The last few weeks you haven't listened to your body and stopped eating when full. Instead that mentality of I'll do better later crept in. Why? Is is the absolute diet mentally and groups I follow on social media.

Hum. I know "dieting" isn't for me. I know restriction isn't for me. I know I can lose weight by listening to my body. Stop eating when full. Eat the veggies that make me feel good. Avoid sugar that makes me tired.

Maybe I need to clean up my social media feed. When we hear the same thing over and over, we tend to believe it. I know in my heart what's right for me. Natalie, stop listening to everyone else.


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