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Dear Diary & Videos

Moving in May - I'm back for a bit!

Hey! Hey! I am excited to be back on social media this month. The last few months I was busy with the J-O-B, year-end accounting, taxes, coaching, and following the kid to baseball games!

Things have slowed down a bit, just a little, so I have committed to posting and writing in May. I've come to terms with "seasons" in my life and am just going to try to do what I can, when I can.

When praying and thinking about what to write about in May, I kept coming back to "Moving in May." See, sitting at my desk more often the last few months has me craving movement. Well, my body doesn't really crave the movement, but my mind sure needs activity in the body. We'll talk about that more later.

Another reason I knew "Moving in May" was the right topic was because Revelation Wellness recently launched their FREE RevWell TV. This is so amazing!!! Faith based fitness on demand! Free workouts anytime! Free ways to move your body, hear the good word of God, and workouts for any level. So many great options, even chair workouts. I've thought about those a few times lately, the old knees are starting to give me problems.

For those of us that don't have the time or we just don't want to, can we commit to walking in our living room for 10 minutes a day? If confined to a chair, can we do some punches in the air several times a day? Or if we have healthy legs, can we push ourselves to actually get up and get going?

Listen, I'm not chasing six pack abs or smaller thighs. I am chasing health and wholeness. I am chasing a clear mind. I am chasing a body that feels good inside. I am chasing a desire to take care of the body, the gift that God has given me. Let's throw out the scales, the quotas, the have-to, and let's just move!

Who is with me? Let's move!!!

Comment and let me know if you are joining me. Also let me know if you have ever done any RevWell TV workouts?


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