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Dear Diary & Videos

Made My Day!

This past Monday night was one of those nights....No motivation for anything, tired and tummy ache from Super Bowl Sunday. i just wanted to sit.

The kids and I have been on a mission to stay active in the evenings. But I was not feeling it at all! I accepted the fact that we just needed to rest and we would be back on track on Tuesday, but I still felt guilty.

That night I left the room for a bit and I come back to both of my kids practicing running ladders in the living room. Boy, I was shocked. Apparently, they didn't need my "leadership" on Monday night.

That just made my day! We tend to put so much pressure on ourselves to do so much. and beat ourselves up when we need a break. But sometimes if we take the pressure off....things take care of themselves. In this case, my kids took care of themselves. Happy Mamma Moment :) (I even got off the couch and did a few ladder runs.)


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