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Let's See the Good!

Reading out of 2 Chronicles chapter 10 today. I’m learning about Rehoboam’s reign as king (Solomon’s son) after Solomon’s death. Rehoboam treated the people very harsh. He even told the people, “My father laid heavy burdens on you, but I’m going to make them even heavier! My father beat you with whips, but I will beat you with scorpions!” That sounds awful! This caused a divide in the nation.

There is an interesting point made about Rehoboam’s perspective of his father Solomon’s job in my Chronological Life Application Study Bible. As Rehoboam was growing up he must have only seen the difficult, hard parts of his father’s job as king. He didn’t see the part where Solomon found joy in serving his people. All he knew were the difficulties and this caused him to reign harshly as king.

This immediately made me think of my work life through the years and what I brought home to the kids. Did they only see the parts where I was unhappy with my commute and traffic? Did they only see me complain about the work or difficult people I dealt with that day?

Have I ever told them the good things about my job? Have I told them about the good people I work with? Have I told them the joy I have from helping others in the job that I do?

Parents, we are shaping our children to be who they will be. Pray for them. Love on them. Show them the good. Show them good people. Show them good relationships. Show them good work. Show them the happy times at your job. Pray for Christ to help us show them and influence them in the good that is in this world. And if you don't see what good is still in this world, please seek Him, He will show you the good!

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Ian Morse
Ian Morse
May 31, 2022

Great blog thanks for posting this.

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