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Dear Diary & Videos

Holiday Gatherings

I see you standing in the closet wishing those clothes fit better or at all.

I see you arriving to the holiday function pulling down your shirt, adjusting, and trying to get your clothes to hide things just right.

I see you talking to family and friends, not listening to the conversation, but having an internal “beat yourself up” conversation about how you said last Christmas you would be skinnier this year.

I see you with pain in your heart because you just feel so disappointed in yourself and think, “why can’t I do better?”

Okay…that may not be you, but it was definitely me!

But Listen! Listen to this Good News!

Maybe our striving to be “perfect” or “flawless” is all wrong. Maybe our trying to be these things is causing us to idolize our bodies.

Maybe this Christmas you just need to “be.”

Be in the moment, hear the conversations, love on your people.

Be aware that God made you. He gave you that eye color, height, big or small frame. It’s not our job to perfect them, it’s our job to care for them.

Be thankful for the beautiful body God has given you. No matter what size you are today, you are beautiful.

Be joyful as this is a gift of the Spirit. Be joyful in Christ and celebrate His birthday!

Be kind to all you meet this holiday season, as you may not know what troubles their heart. And Be kind to you!

We are children of God. God created us for love, family, and fellowship. If we are too busy obsessing over how we look or what we want people to think of us, we have missed the point.

May you all have a beautiful Christmas and holiday season and remember to BE!

Thank you, Jesus, for coming as a baby to this earth so many years ago to save us all!

Jesus is the reason for the season!


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