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Friday Night Voice

Since football is a topic of passion in my house, I tend to do a lot of comparisons of life and football.

Our recent adventure under the Friday night lights was a good one. It was our season rivalry, lots of yelling for our team and we ended with a close score and a 2 point loss. We were out watching our 8lb 6oz freshman, who isn’t so 8 pounds anymore.

During this game, the little sister, who has grown up participating in youth cheer and following her brother to many football and baseball games, was right beside me cheering. During the first quarter she was quiet. She told me she wanted to yell so bad and it was at the tip of her tongue, but the yell just wouldn’t come out. This kid has had plenty of experience as a youth cheerleader for the last five years, but she is now finding her own voice and cheering with her own words and not memorized cheer chants.

Her comment of not being able to get the words off her tongue was close to my heart. My first grade teacher asked my mom if I could speak because I was so shy. I feel like my entire life can be compared to this one football game and Olivia’s experience with yelling.

By the second quarter, she was picking up on what others were yelling and she began repeating the words of those yelling around us. She was so stinking cute.

Then by the 3rd and 4th quarter, this kid was yelling her own words and thoughts. She was screaming and cheering for her team.

Football stands always make me wonder what it would be like to have that many people yelling that much and that passionate for Jesus on a Friday night. What if we were all that passionate about Jesus everyday?

I feel like I am somewhere between 2nd and 3rd quarter in my own vocal life. My lips have been sealed. I had things I wanted to say, but fear of rejection and fear of putting my thoughts out in the world kept me quiet.

But you know, our Jesus is so good. He is so important and it’s hard to keep him hidden. This light is shining and I can’t hide it. I feel 3rd and 4th quarter coming. I have lots to say about everything our Savior has done for me and us.

As I woke up the morning after the game, Olivia and I had scratchy voices from so much yelling. But it was so worth it, cheering for our team.

I want my voice to hurt the next morning because I shared the good word of Jesus. I want my voice to hurt because I am cheering for Jesus. Let’s go team!

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