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Dear Diary & Videos

Food & Guilt

I remember the guilt I used to feel around the food on Super Bowl Sunday. I would beat myself up and play all kinds of mind games. "Don't eat this, eat that. You are a loser because you can't control what you are eating." I hated myself. Then I would weigh myself the next morning and continue on the downward spiral of binge eating.

But I learned, it doesn't have to be that way. Food is not the enemy. Food is here to nourish, fuel and heal our bodies. Accepting who you are and loving yourself is the first key to finding balance. You can enjoy anything you want on Super Bowl Sunday, without guilt, and go right back to nourishing foods on Monday morning.

And, don't get on the scale tomorrow morning. That is not your true weight, only the weight of the foods you ate! Life is too short for negative thoughts towards yourself. Love, it's the answer.


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