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Excess is Love

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Let's shift our thinking. The excess around your belly is not a "bad" thing. It's the good times you had socializing, eating, and enjoying yourself this holiday season. It's your body trying to comfort you when you were sad, frustrated, bored, or depressed and it chose to use food to make you feel better. It's from old habits of overeating and things you can change in the future.

Excess weight is not a bad thing. It's your body's way of taking care of you. This is not the time to beat yourself up or blame yourself for this excess. It's the time to recognize this excess, as excess energy that's ready to be used up. It's time to change habits. It's time to figure out why you use food, and it's time for small shifts that bring change. Let's look at our bodies as beautiful, unique, and special. Let's celebrate the body that God gave us. Only then, we can release the excess. I'm still on this journey. Still finding self-love. Still finding my triggers of overeating. Still going and never giving up! How about you? #dontgiveup #itsajourney #healthyhappylife #lookwithin

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