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Dear Diary & Journaling

When I started this website a few years ago, I named my blog posts, “Dear Diary.” There were two reasons I did this. First, writing in a diary made a huge impact in my life. Second, my intention on this space was to be real. To tell of the true things happening in my life and to share the struggles, the good things, ideas, Jesus, and all things related to my health and wellness journey.

I honestly have not spent time journaling in a while. I am good with that, as there are seasons in life, but I do miss it and feel I am supposed to share in the health and wellness world.

This morning I was reading my journals from four years ago. Reading the words I wrote, my thoughts and struggles at the time really showed me just how much I have changed through the years. As I have aged, I have grown in my thinking. Four years ago, I let things bother me and tried to solve problems on my own. My life is full of so much peace now. Problems don’t get to me as they did before, I run straight to Jesus. Ok, not always. Human nature, I still try to solve things. HA! But I have learned that in the end, Jesus’ way and timing is always best! Things always work out.

Journaling gives me a place to write the things that bother my heart. A place to write, pray, and give it to God. Then I am free to go about life.

There were posts from two years ago where I woke up in the middle of the night to write because something was on my heart. Things, truths from God, that were to be written down and not forgotten. I like to believe God gave me those thoughts in the middle of the night, just so I would listen, and share with others. Like this post here,

I am not a writer, but God sure likes to give me thoughts to write about. So instead of me obsessing over grammar and punctuation, I am going to leave this right here and hit the post button. This is my Dear Diary post today. Maybe I will post again soon?

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