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Dear Diary & Videos

Day 4 - Move

How can we focus more on Christ?

Move our bodies!

I have never been one to slow down long enough to stop and watch the sunset. Yes, I have seen the sun set, but not nearly as often as my husband and daughter who both enjoy watching the sun go down. I get a little impatient those last few minutes. Ha-Ha. I need to work on that. The sun setting is another one of God’s beautiful creations.

It wasn’t until I started praying during my outdoor walks that I really started to see God’s amazing works all around me. I love going for a walk with God. The sky, the birds, the bright sun, the colors of the grass, trees, hills, streams, are all just amazing. Those walks have brought me closer to God enjoying His creations and talking to Him.

If I’m not praying during my walks, then I am listening to Christian music or podcast. My Spotify playlist has all my favorites from praise and worship music to Christian rap. There is so much good music out there that draws us closer to God.

My favorite podcast while walking is REVING the Word by Revelation Wellness-Healthy & Whole. The REVING the Word episodes are specially made to listen to while working out.

Going out and moving our bodies is time well spent with Jesus.

I didn’t even mention all the other many physical and mental advantages of walking. It’s just so good for our body and a great way to honor God by caring for the beautiful bodies He gave us.

As the new week approaches, let’s get out and move, pray, and spend time with God!


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