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Dear Diary & Videos

Day 20 – Schedule Time with Jesus

How can we focus more on Christ?

Schedule time with Jesus and don’t move Him to the next day.

I love my planner. I am old school and like to write instead of use my phone. I use the “Planner Pad” to keep up with all the things going on with work, kids, and life. After I complete a task on the list, I put a big check mark on that item and feel accomplished. The things that don’t get done, get a strikethrough and moved to another day in the week.

There are some days that have more strikethroughs than check marks. Today is probably one of those days! I was doing some thinking this afternoon about those things that get moved to another day, the strikethroughs. Life is going to cause the list to shift, but it’s really important to not strikethrough Jesus time. That time is the foundation to life. Jesus time will make all the other things on the list bearable and a little less stressful. Jesus time gives us the strength to get through the day.

Let’s make Jesus time a priority this week with no strikethroughs.

If we typically spend 5 minutes a day praying, let’s bump that up to 7 minutes.

If we read a devotion each day, let’s open our Bibles and read one page.

Let’s pause during the workday and say a little extra prayer.

Let’s make time to go to church this week.

Let’s keep that focus going this month! Jesus, help us keep our eyes on you!


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