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Dear Diary & Videos

Day 14 – Worship

How can we focus more on Christ?

Spending more time in worship has been on my heart the last few years. I desire to worship and be in God’s presence. Maybe I am selfish for wanting to feel His presence, but I am so renewed and excited about God when I have spent time in worship.

Taking time and being present in music, worshipping Jesus is where I find my worship time. I long for Sunday morning praise service where God is alive and present. I feel so close to God in worship whether at church, alone in my car, or out for a walk with the praise and worship music turned up!

Maybe my form of worship looks different from yours, but one thing is for sure humans were made to worship. It was embedded in our hearts at creation. If we aren’t worshipping God, then we are worshipping something else.

Take a few minutes to think on this today. What are you worshiping? Are you spending time with God just praising Him? Worship Him more!

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