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Dear Diary & Videos

A Prayer for Our World

Heavenly Father we thank you for this life and beautiful world that you gave us.

There are days lately that it is hard to see the beauty you created through the fear, anger, fighting, violence, pandemic, hatefulness, and disorder in our country.

Lord, your scriptures promise us that you are there. That you are in control. We know that all this mess ends when you decide it ends.

We pray for the Christians in our county to look to you Lord. We pray that we all remember to put you first. That we remember you give us peace through this time.

As we walk outside and see the clouds slowing dancing and the birds singing as they glide through the sky, Lord, we see you. We know you are still there. We love you.

Give us strength, peace, and happiness. Restore our lives, Lord. Amen


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