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Meal Planning #1

Friday means meal planning day for me. It's my day off from my accounting job and I have time to work on things I am passionate about: Health Coaching, Healthy Tote & planning my family's following week. As we try to make positive habit changes in our lives, it's important we make changes in all aspects of life. Our Health, Relationships, Finances, Spirituality, and Career. All of these parts of our life must work together for true habit change.

When I meal plan, I think about the week's upcoming events. I think about what aspects of our life should we focus and nurture the following week. As I meal plan, I think about how we can save money on meals for the week (Finances). I think about what meals we will be having with other people (Relationships). What should we be eating this week for our bodies (Health)? I think about church (Spirituality) and work (Career) and my meal plans around those things as well.

Each week I want to do better in all of these aspects of my life. For me, having a plan, helps me remember my goals. My life gets busy, my memory fades, and living "on the fly" doesn't work for me. I want to remember my goals. If I know dinner is planned at home, then I am less likely to pickup fast food.

When meal planning it is important to find what works for you. You will hear me say this so many times....we are all so different! What works for me or your best friend, may not work for you. Take the time to discover what works for you and makes you happy!!!

Meal Planning Tip: I don't always like to follow a strict meal plan. I plan my busy weeks and make sure I have groceries for Monday through Friday lunch. Then I pick up a few protein options, maybe things on sale for fill in on weekends. Weekends we decide to go out or make something at home. That way, weekends are fun and less rigid. The family can decide that day what's on the menu.

***This Meal Planning & Grocery List Form are available for free when you sign-up for my newsletter.


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