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Holitic Health Coach-Natalie Bonkowski

Balance and Baby Steps

Private Coaching is where change happens! The right motivation, the right plan, and the right techniques to move you from Point A to Point B and get you living the life of your dreams!

Natalie Bonkowski, your coach, is fully trained and certified in life coaching, health coaching, and holds a CPA license. Natalie specializes in finding what's been stopping you or holding you back from reaching your goals and dreams!

Hey Friends,

Is there a goal or dream that's been holding you back and you need a little help? Maybe you want to start a business, lose weight, find your purpose in life, or give up habits that don't serve you?

Are you finally ready to break free from the chains and things that hold you back? Are you ready to find the success you've been dreaming of?

Working with Natalie will boost your confidence, force you to dig deep and find your driving reasons, and bring lasting habit change that will enable you to reach your goals.

Listen, I've been there! I've had many goals in life, some I am still working on and some I have achieved.

Let's take becoming a CPA for example. Anyone that has taken the CPA exam know that it stands for "Couldn't Pass Again." That was one tough test!

See, I took that exam three times. The first time I failed the whole thing. The second time I passed two of the four parts, but because the failing parts were under "50", the passing parts didn't count. By the third time, it was let's do it or not! I was tired of review classes and studying. I was tired of testing.

On the third time around, I dug deep, sucked it up, and studied my heart out. And PASSED all three parts. I understand pain, that was painful studying all the time. Literally, all the time! But it got me the results I needed to move forward to reach my goals.

I have studied techniques on how to succeed. I' have studied habits and the brain. I have learned and I am ready to share these techniques with you.

Book Stack

There are five areas where we struggle:

Career & Business

Health & Wellness




I have had struggles and successes in all areas. From start up businesses in my career to transformation contests in my health and wellness journey. I have gone from $30,000 in credit card debt to zero debt. I am constantly working on my relationships with others and my walk with Christ. All of these successes require habit change and that's what I am doing. 

Whatever it is you are chasing, let me help! With the right support, you can have all you dream of. Tried and tested techniques and a friend that will stretch you and make you realize your dreams.

What to expect working with Natalie:

* one-on-one phone coaching sessions

* weekly or monthly calls depending on your goals and visions

* we work together to develop a plan for you

* required action steps between sessions to keep you on track

* access to me when you feel like throwing in the towel

* a friend that believes in you, gives grace, and will cheer you on!

Now is the time to work through the reasons why, the reasons of why not, and make a decision to move forward with your goals.

I'm here to help you do just that! Let's talk about your goals. Let's talk about how you want to get to Point B from Point A. Let's work through the decisions that need to be made. I am here to listen.

You decide if you want to work with me and I decide if I am able to help. A fun, 30 minute, brain storming, meet and greet phone session. Let's talk about you!

My schedule is limited. Please schedule at least 48 hours in advance.

I am so excited to work with you! I love to see people push and work to reach their goals. I love watching you succeed. I love helping you "see" roads you may have not see before on your travels to reaching your goals. I can't wait to hear from you!

Complimentary First Session-FREE

I love this session! I love hearing about your dreams and goals. In this session, we get to know each other. We decide if we should work together and the scope of work if both of us decide to move forward with coaching.

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