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  • Do you recommend a certain diet: Paleo, Atkins, Low Calorie, Low Fat, etc.?"
    No, there is not a “diet” that I recommend. Every single person is different. We have different genetics, history, hormones, and life circumstances. Through trial and error, we will find the right style of eating for your body type.
  • How much water should I drink every day?
    Again, every body is different. As an estimate, we believe you need around 67% of your body weight in ounces each day. But this number needs to be adjusted for your activity level, caffeine and alcohol intake and the temperature where you live. Ask me for my “How To Water Guide.”
  • What about supplements?
    If you are eating plenty of vegetables, proteins, and fats, you should be able to get the right supplements from food. There are some exceptions and we can work through those. I do not “sell” any supplement products to my clients.
  • What are your credentials?
    I am a Certified Health Coach through Health Coach Institute. This program opened my eyes and gave me the answers I had searched for my whole life. I also have 22 years of experience “dieting” and “googling health and wellness topics.” Through my years of research, I have read thousands of health and wellness success stories. It’s interesting what works for different people.
  • How often should I work out each week and what kinds of work out should I do?
    Again, this depends on your body, your hormones, and how it responds to different types of exercise. We will evaluate your history and use trial and error to find what works for you.
  • How much sleep should I get each night?
    Unfortunately, we did not come with an owner’s manual. We will have to figure out your unique body’s requirements.
  • Can I drink alcohol and coffee (caffeine) on your program?
    Possibly. Through our process of figuring out your body’s needs, we will analyze the effects of alcohol and coffee on your body.
  • Do I have to give up gluten, dairy, fruit, meat, or sugar?"
    Not, at all. If you have read the previous questions, you have learned that we find what works for your body! We will have to test out these foods and see how your body responds.
  • Will I start losing weight right away?
    I advise that you don’t start losing weight right away. We first need to reset your relationship with food and clear out some clutter before making habit changes. There’s no point in working our butts off losing weight, if we are only going to gain it back. Habit change doesn’t happen overnight.
  • What’s your program? Explain the process.
    We first start with some basic habit changing exercises. We get our mind and bodies ready for change. At this time, we start testing different foods on our bodies to see how well it responds. Then, we enter the next phase and that’s transformation. This entire program involves a once per month phone call and action plan. We may check-in a few times each month, depending on your needs.
  • Why is your program significantly less than other coaching programs out there?
    Putting a price on a program that changes lives is valued very high. But most people don’t realize how valuable a program is until they have tried it. I wanted to create a program that was affordable for anyone and inexpensive enough for anyone to try. I have been so frustrated, stuck and unhappy with myself that I felt desperate. My passion is to help those that have felt like I did. Life is too short to feel that way!
  • How many months is your program?
    My program will vary by person. The program is written with habit changing action plans for 12 months. Each person may move slower or quicker depending on habits. It took me a full three years to change into the person I have become. I had sugar addition, body image issues and a bad relationship with food. I am not saying you will need a coach for that long, but you need to commit to changing yourself for as long as it takes. We can work as slow or fast as you need.
  • Are you currently accepting new clients?
    Yes, I am currently accepting new clients that have over 25 pounds to lose and have wanted to lose weight for at least 5 years. You have tried several diets and struggle to keep weight off. You must be committed and ready for change. The reason my client base is so specific is that I aim to help those I can relate. I am only able to coach up to 40 clients per year so spaces are limited.

My coaching program is based on the following beliefs:

Diets don’t work and don’t bring lasting change.  Diets only hurt your relationship with food and eventually cause you to gain weight.


Habit change occurs when all five areas of your life are working in order together:  Health, Career, Relationships, Money & Spirituality. 

Transformation does not happen overnight. 

Self-doubt and disbelief will stall and stop transformation and weight loss.

Each person is unique and requires their own individual eating plan. 

Slow and steady wins the race.  Balance & Baby Steps is the answer to sustainable weight loss.

Hormones may be why you struggle with weight loss.  Hormones affect digestion and what our bodies do with the food that enters our body.  It’s not as simple as calories in, calories out. 

You are the only one that can decide you want change and will do what it takes to make change.

We believe change is possible for everyone. First, you must reset your relationship with food. Next, using trial and error determine how your body responds to certain foods. Finally, use consistency, balance, and baby steps to make lasting changes.

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