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My coaching program is based on the following beliefs:

Diets don’t work and don’t bring lasting change.  Diets only hurt your relationship with food and eventually cause you to gain weight.


Habit change occurs when all five areas of your life are working in order together:  Health, Career, Relationships, Money & Spirituality. 

Transformation does not happen overnight. 

Self-doubt and disbelief will stall and stop transformation and weight loss.

Each person is unique and requires their own individual eating plan. 

Slow and steady wins the race.  Balance & Baby Steps is the answer to sustainable weight loss.

Hormones may be why you struggle with weight loss.  Hormones affect digestion and what our bodies do with the food that enters our body.  It’s not as simple as calories in, calories out. 

You are the only one that can decide you want change and will do what it takes to make change.

We believe change is possible for everyone. First, you must reset your relationship with food. Next, using trial and error determine how your body responds to certain foods. Finally, use consistency, balance, and baby steps to make lasting changes.

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