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Two of Five - My Personal Motivation for Moving in May

Dear Diary,

Here's reason two of five that I am motivated to move my body this month. My "moving buddy," aka "my mini me," or "my sidekick." My girl. She's eleven and she is my BFF. We share many of the same traits, likes, and obsessions. :)

One thing in particular we share is knee pain. This child has been suffering with Osgood Schlatter for over a year now. It's basically a growing pain that she will outgrow in another year, I hope. She is limited on activity as her doctor is trying to help us keep her from any permanent damage while she is in this season of life. She hurts and it's difficult to keep her spirits up, since going from a fast runner and very athletic girl to slowing down to a much slower pace.

My knee pain has been increasing the last few years. In the past there were only "crunchy" knee sounds and no pain. But now, at 46, the pain is frequent in the knees. Especially, if I attempt a squat or lunge. I've been putting off that doctor's appointment to see just how many years I have until I'll need to get the old knees replaced.

Olivia and I are trying to look at our knee pain as a gift. (I'm laughing as I write this. I should highlight "trying" as it's really hard to see our pain as a gift. But I do believe it is a gift.) God gives us these challenges to lean harder on Him. He gives us the life lessons or difficult times that grow us to help others going through the same thing at another time.

Olivia and I may be limited on the kinds of movement we can do right now, but we can still move our body. We've been hitting the weight bench this week and we love to toss the 12 pound medicine ball back and forth to each other. We walk too and talk about our day. She's finally old enough to ask me how my day was, instead of me asking about hers first.

My motivation this month is my Olivia, my daughter, and my friend. Together we will move our bodies.

Who is your moving buddy? How can you motivate each other to move?


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