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Dear Diary & Videos

Things to Ponder:

Have you ever thought that maybe it’s not about what foods you are putting in your mouth or how much you push yourself during exercise? What if it’s a heart and mind issue? What if the weight holding you back from living your best life isn’t the weight that is reflected on the scale, but maybe the weight of something that is pulling you down?

The weight of an unresolved conflict? The weight of a lie you’ve been told about yourself and have been holding onto for years? The weight of a complicated relationship with someone you love? The weight of an unfinished project? The weight of an unforgiveness that you need to forgive and move on? The weight of pain or self-pity that you haven’t been able to let go? The weight of just not feeling good enough about yourself? The weight of having to constantly prove you are good enough?

What if you were able to work through those things, let them go, and experience pure freedom? Freedom from expectations, freedom from looking a certain a way, freedom from perfectionism, and freedom experienced in pure joy.


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